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Private Tours Scotland offers you the very best way to experience all the majesty that Scotland has to offer in a few short days.

Private Tours Scotland

Our Private Tours of Scotland are among the very best. Not only will you be travelling in safety and comfort, but you also get to experience parts of Scotland that would have otherwise missed.

What’s Special About Private Tours of Scotland

As a family business, we takes your trip personally. Paul and Yvonne founded Private Tours Scotland several years ago and have delighted dozens of clients from all over the world. 

Paul and Yvonne provide a personal touch and great attention to detail to make your private tour of Scotland as perfect as possible.

The vehicles used are kept immaculate, so that you may travel in comfort and safety. 

Your Private Tour of Scotland Is Only A Call Away

Private Guided Tours Scotland

Private guided tours of Scotland begin as soon as you arrive at the airport. Pickups are arranged at Glasgow or Edinburgh airports, with our meet and greet service.

From the minute you step off the plane everything is taken care of. There is nothing for you to worry about as every detail is addressed by us. From the minute you step out of the airport you are on holiday and your private tour of Scotland has begun.

Tours of Scotland In A Luxury Private Car

Your party will be the only people on the tour. It is totally private. Your tour guide and driver will see to everything on your behalf. Instead of travelling in a coach you will be ferried in a luxury people carrier or executive saloon.

Private Chauffeur Tours Scotland

Paul and Yvonne have been providing chauffeur services for many years. The same high standards that are required to deliver executive chauffeur services are applied to your private chauffeur tour of Scotland.

Private Tours of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the great cities of the world and well worth a visit. Not only is it home to Edinburgh castle but many other fantastic sites as well. There is a reason that millions of visitors flock to Edinburgh each year.

Scottish Castles

But Edinburgh is not the only castle in Scotland. in fact, there are thousands of castles in Scotland, which is understandable as we have been building them for over a thousand years and there are plenty to visit which have remained standing for hundreds of years intact.

Scottish Lochs

Did you know there are over 30,000 lochs in Scotland? You can probably name Loch Lomond and perhaps Loch Ness but that’s just the start of it. There are thousands of Lochs in Scotland, each offering something unique.

Private Tours Scotland recommends Loch Lomond and The Trossachs, especially if you only have a couple of days.

Scottish Mountains

There are 282 Munro’s in Scotland. A munro is a mountain of 3,000 feet or more. The wonderful thing is that you don’t need to walk for miles to see them. Most can be enjoyed from the comfort of your vehicle.

Scottish Beaches

You are never more than 75 miles from the coast in Scotland and there is a lot of coastline. Scotland is famous for its sandy beaches.